Assemblee Days 7 to 11

It’s been a while since the last update but now I can present the first implementation of the game’s battle system. It’s still missing visual feedbacks for the enemy attacks, defensive items like shields and ranged attacks but the core system is in place and these new additions should be easy to implement. Details about the combat system are available after the jump.

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Assemblee Days 5 and 6

I guess it is time for a new update. Not many new features in this update since I spent most of the time refactoring the rendering code but now I’m ready to start coding the monsters AI and combat.

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Assemblee Day 4

I’m back for today’s update and I’m really impressed at how fast I’m getting things done in this project. This is the first time I try to create a 3D game and I’m still learning a lot of OpenGL-related things but everything I had planned to do was simple and easy to implement. Let’s hope this continues until the competition deadline.

The new features for today are the mouse cursors and inventory/items manipulation as shown in the video below.

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Assemblee Days 2 and 3

I’m back with some news on the development made on days 2 and 3. There was a lot code refactoring done so there are not many new features to show but at least the code is looking better and it’s easier for me to work on it now. The video below shows the current state of the game.

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Assemblee Day 1

Today I begin logging the development of my entry for the TIGSource Assemble Compo Part 2. I don’t have a name for the game yet but it is going to be a first-person 3D dungeon crawler inspired by classic games like Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore. I plan to code it in C++ using the SDL, OpenGL and LUA libraries. With some luck I should be able to finish it by the deadline.

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