Assemblee Days 5 and 6

I guess it is time for a new update. Not many new features in this update since I spent most of the time refactoring the rendering code but now I’m ready to start coding the monsters AI and combat.

The first result of these last days of work is the multiline tooltip. The current implementation generates the tooltip dimensions and positioning directly from the text I want to show in it and also supports some basic formatting such as changing text color and alignment.

The next result is the basic implementation of monsters. Now I’m able to create monsters and show them in the dungeon view using the same approach I used for the items. Unfortunately, the implementation of monsters made apparent that my scene rendering didn’t work perfectly for alpha-blended objects since I rendered them in some arbitrary order. The correct way to do this is to sort these objects by distance to the player and render them from back to front. This forced me to do some major refactoring in the rendering code to include sorting for alpha-blended objects. Now it is working correctly and it allows me to do some cool effects like the floor reflection on the screenshot below.

Some monsters, a multiline tooltip and floor reflection.

Features I hope to finish for the next update: combat system and maybe monster AI.


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