Incomprehensible Penguin Arena

Incomprehensible Penguin Arena is a game created by me for the TIGSource Video Game Name Generator Competition. In this game you control a penguin and your goal is to survive as long as possible by avoiding the hungry seals on the water. It would be an easy task if you were not being attacked by other penguins and if the ice didn’t melt so fast due to the global warming. To make things more interesting you can earn points by attacking other penguins, eating randomly dropped fishes and completing random challenges issued from time to time.

You can download various versions of the game by using the links provided below. To play the game, use the arrow keys to move the penguin and the [Enter] key to use the sliding attack.

Download the game (Windows)

Download the source code (libraries SDL and SDL Mixer required for compilation)

Read some detailed instructions here

About the game production

This game was produced from start to finish in about three weeks working an average of 4 hours/day. The first week was used to create some of the basic graphics for the game (penguin and ice) and a simple game engine (state and entity managers, sound and graphics manipulation). The second week was used to include AI penguins, seals, melting ice and random fish drops. Testing started mainly on the second week since the game was almost complete. On the third week, power-ups items, multiplayer on the same keyboard, random challenges and sounds were added and the graphics were updated.

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