The King, the Queen and the Jester – Assemblee postmortem

It’s been a while since I last updated this devlog and in the meantime the assemblee competition has ended with 73 great entries including my own named The King, the Queen and the Jester. The voting took place between January 20th and February 3rd and the results can be found here. My entry managed to get the 9th place and I’m really happy with this achievement.

You can find the development thread for the game following the link:

A detailed review of the game was featured on Big Download and can be found at the following link:

The competition version of the game can be downloaded from the following link: King, the Queen and the

Now I’ll resume development on the game but it may take a while before I release a new version since I intend to rewrite the rendering engine first. Meanwhile, you can read the mini postmortem I wrote for the competition version of the game that can be found after the jump.

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